Please Call Scott Thomson on 0414 427 427 to discuss the purchase of this extremely desirable SA Historic Plate


  • Once in a blue moon, does an opportunity like this become available to join one of the very exclusive & select few to own such a low & enviable 2 digit SA Historic Number Plate........Scott Thomson & SAplates have been chosen by our vendor to give you this extremely special chance!


  • It is with great pleasure & excitement that I present to you a very, very rare & extremely sought after 2 digit SA Historic Number Plate through rights to display SA "52"

  • This particular 2 Digit SA Historic Number Plate is the lowest Historic Plate to come on to the open market in many, many years, which makes this plate even more desirable to an SA Historic Plate collector or investor!


  • Just think about the history of this SA Historic Plate, the 52nd registration number ever issued in South Australia........& you could be part of this history!

  • SA "52" Issued c1906 - $125,000 We will be only accepting written offers through the form below which must be filled out in full.


  • Even though 2 Digit Historic Number Plates have always been extremely difficult to come by for sale here in South Australia (& other Australian states for that matter), recent sales both privately & through auction have proven that the values are dramatically increasing & the demand for such plates far outweigh the availablity for collectors & investors alike.


  • I don't think that I need to rant & rave anymore regarding this unbelievable 2 digit Historic Plate.


  • I look forward to receiving your phone call & offer soon.


  • Kind Regards,
  • Scott Thomson.
  • SAplates